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How Technology Has Revolutionized Advertising —

  About 20 years ago, advertising was primarily dominated by radio, television and print media. Businesses were forced to scramble for space from these platforms. But with the advancement in technology, things have really changed. Today, the internet, smartphones and other devices are playing a vital role when it comes to advertising. This article looks […]

Apple Will Donate 1,000 Apple Watch Units to Help With Binge-Eating Research — Fortune

  Apple is doing its part to help research into binge eating and eating disorders. The company will donate 1,000 Apple Watch units to researchers at the University of North Carolina to study binge eating, CNBC is reporting. The study will be known as Binge Eating Genetics Initiative (BEGIN) and will aim at trying to understand… […]

Trump Has a Print of Him Chatting With Republican Greats Hanging in the White House — Fortune

  The world got a glimpse into President Donald Trump’s artistic taste during his 60 Minutes interview Sunday. In the background of one shot, you can see a print of “The Republican Club,” a painting featuring Trump joyously enjoying a (non-alcoholic) drink with some of the most iconic Republican presidents. Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan,… […]

Historic Burgundy Wine Sells For Record-Breaking $558,000 at Auction — VinePair

  At a Sotheby’s auction in New York Saturday night, a historic bottle of 1945 Romanée-Conti sold for $558,000, breaking the record for the world’s most expensive bottle of wine. The price, which included taxes and commisions, was 17 times greater than Sotheby’s $32,000 upper estimate for the bottle, Newsweek reports. The bottle is one of… […]

Hong Kong To Introduce “Right Approach” Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations — ZyCrypto

  Hong Kong’s quick growth as a cryptocurrency hub is a major concern for financial regulators and needs the “Right Approach” says, outgoing Chairman of the city’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Carlson Tong Ka-Shing. The focus of the country’s highest securities regulatory body is to offer greater protection to investors as the demand for this… […]

Ordered via Instagram, The chef who wants to unite people through briyani

SINGAPORE: Seven?adults and?a toddler sit patiently at an Aljunied Crescent void deck on a breezy Sunday evening.?Time ticks by; it has been more than 20 minutes,?but there is no complaining, just?the?occasional glance at?watches and handphones. And then?as the lift door opens, conversations are suspended.? Plastic containers are doled out, crumpled?bills exchange?hands, and as dusk falls,…