Chanel Was the Most-Viewed Fashion Brand on YouTube This Year


maxresdefault Photo: YouTube

A majority of fashion brands have a YouTube channel—around 90 percent according to research by L2 and YouTube marketing platform Pixability—but some are doing much better on the channel than others. As for who’s leading the pack? The clear winner for 2014 was Chanel.

Fashion-brands-lifetime-YouTube-views Photo: Digiday

With nearly 350,000 subscribers, Chanel is the top fashion brand channel on YouTube this year, according to Digiday. According to digital research firm L2, Chanel has racked up over 140 million view on Youtube, outpacing Louis Vuitton, who comes in second, by nearly 46 million views. Dior came in third with over 86 million views, followed by Calvin Klein with over 53 million views.

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Interestingly, the brand that has invested most heavily in the channel is not Chanel but Dior, which spent nearly $4.7 million on YouTube over the past year, according to Strike…

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