Designer Vault Has the Biggest Collection of Vintage Chanel Bags in the Country


As far as designer splurges go, nothing beats a Chanel bag. At once classic, well-made, and—of course—a dream to look at, there’s something about the iconic French fashion house that makes fashion lovers’ hearts beat a little faster. If you agree, then you may want to literally hold into that heart of yours, because we’re about to introduce you a website that has the biggest collection of Chanel bags in the country.

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Designer Vault is a luxury e-commerce consignment boutique that—among many other brands—happens to have a selection of Chanel bags that’s pretty staggering. We’re talking one-of-a-kind, rare, and classic styles that are basically a bag fetishist’s dream.

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So, how does the site get their collection? What do they look for? Can you sell your stuff? To answer those questions are more, we caught up with…

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