Eva Mendes Wore a $6 Dress on the Red Carpet


eva mendes $6 dress Photo: WENN

Ah, celebrities. Underneath the $5,000 handbags, mansions, and, fancy cars, they really are just like us. Or at least they were before they were superstars. Eva Mendes proved this to be true with a #tbt Instagram that shows her wearing—gasp!—a $6 dress from Goodwill to an event.

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In the Instagram snap, Mendes explains that the thrift-store dress was worn to her first red carpet event in 2001—a premiere for “The Others” when she she was 27 years old. “The debut of my latest @nyandcompany collection has me throwing back to my first red carpet,” the 41-year-old captioned the photo. “I did my own hair and make up and that’s a $6 dress from Goodwill. I’ve always loved a cheap find. Viva thrift shops!”

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It seems that Eva…

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