M. Gemi Wants To Change the Way Women Buy Shoes


M.Gemi Launch 3 Photo: Courtesy of M.Gemi.

Take a stroll through the designer shoe section of your favorite department store, and you’ll likely be hit with a serious case of sticker shock—$600 for a basic pair of pumps, $1,200 for jewel-encrusted sandals. Sure, you call yourself a shoe fiend, but you have your limits.

Startups like Everlane and Warby Parker have revolutionized key fashion categories like t-shirts and eyeglasses, offering direct-to-consumer lines that stress value and quality and an ability to save shoppers money by cutting the supply chain. Now, a new e-commerce venture called M.Gemi—headed by Rue La La’s Founder and former CEO Ben Fischman—is aiming to do the same thing with women’s shoes.

You might be wondering if the world really needs another shoe brand, but according to Fischman, M. Gemi will offer something totally new. “We identified a true white space,” he told us of the brand. “When I was first telling people this idea, their reaction was that there…

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