See Chanel’s Fall 2013 Ad Campaign, Shot by Karl Lagerfeld


chanel fall_winter campaignImage via

If Chanel’s Fall 2013 ad campaign is to be believed, Karl Lagerfeld is obsessed with a few things right now: defying gravity, knitting, and thigh-high latex boots.

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The campaign, which was released today via the French label’s Twitter and Facebook profiles, stars models Ashleigh Good, Chiharu Okunugi, and Soo Joo Park in what we assume is a futuristic fashion space station, where they float around in looks from the Fall/Winter 2013  campaign and spend their time knitting and posing.

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A highlight of the image is that boot. Two of the three models wear thigh-high latex boots with studs lining the soles; we’d be lying if we said that’s not a dream shoe in a nutshell. Whose scarf do we have to knit to…

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