The 12 Most Impractical Chanel Accessories Ever


During its Resort 2014 show in Dubai yesterday, Chanel showcased a variety of iconic quilted leather handbags, but it was the one shaped like an oil canister that really made fashion followers freak out. An homage to the Middle East, Instagram immediately exploded with pictures of the petrol bags, which it got us thinking: What other Chanel accessories have created serious buzz, despite being totally impractical?

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There were the stunty hula-hoop bagsKarl Lagerfeld dreamed up for the Spring 2013 collection. A year later, those graffiti-inspired, spray-painted backpacks had every living fashion blogger’s heart all a-flutter; but the question still remains, when and where would a gal actually wear such absurd creations? TBD.

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Click through the gallery to see 12 of Chanel’s buzziest and least practical accessories ever. Prepare to experience a strange combination of lust, confusion, and…

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