Turns Out, The Five-Second Rule For Dropped Food is a Total Myth


85694880 Photo: Getty

Most of us have grown up with the belief that eating food that’s accidentally been dropped on the ground isn’t so bad—as long as you manage to pick it up before a certain amount of time has passed. Well, we’re here to tell you that the storied “five-second rule” is a total myth.

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According to food safety experts, you might want to think twice about eating anything off of the floor, even if it’s touched the ground for a mere moment. Australian food expert Rachel Williams told The Daily Mail: ‘There’s no such things as a ‘five-second rule ‘… It’s a myth, we definitely do not recommend it.”

Still, it’s important to note that certain foods that have dropped on the floor remain safer to eat than others. “It all comes down to bacteria,” she said. Because bacteria depends…

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