We Tried Out 3 Teeth Whitening Systems at Very Different Price Points: Everything You Need to Know


What better way to embrace the winter-white trend than with a pearly white smile? That’s the question we asked ourselves after realizing that a fresh white smile can make you look younger, more attractive, and more successful—who wouldn’t want that?

To help simplify the world of whitening, we tried out several systems at a range of price points and nailed down the 3 best that’ll keep your teeth as dazzling as the fresh (and, lately, abundant) snow.

LaVaan Whitening StyleCaster editor Sam Lim testing out LaVaan.

Price: $395/session
Can I do it at home? No

The LaVaan experience is a like a day spa for your mouth. They have a beautiful New York office designed all in white, where I was presented with a menu of services that ranged from a simple dental cleaning for $89 (an amazing deal, especially with no insurance necessary) to a VIP package of whitening + teeth…

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