Your New Go-To Party Beauty Look: Icy Makeup


Photo: Courtesy Vanilla Extract Photo: Courtesy Vanilla Extract

Nichole Ciotti is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur who shares her personal style, beauty tips, and adventures on the blog, Vanilla Extract.. You can find her at @nicholeciotti on Instagram and Twitter.

I’m the first to admit that getting ready for a holiday party is a bit stressful. Besides feeling pressured to find the perfect holiday outfit, there’s the whole makeup thing. I get that you don’t want to do your regular, Friday night smokey eye. I also get that you want to look festive without looking like your kid sister. I’ve got you, girl. File this icy makeover tutorial under looks you can actually achieve and cue Vanilla Ice…

Before you get started, be sure to prep your skin with moisturizer and primer so that your makeup lasts as long as you do. For this tutorial, I used MAC products, however, there are many great alternatives at the…

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