Kirsten Dunst’s Makeup Artist Reveals An Easy Hack to Rid of Glitter


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About a year ago I went to a glitter party hosted by actors. The requirement for entry was that guests wear full-body glitter. Obviously, I went full-on sparkle—not only so I wouldn’t get kicked out of the party, but also because, c’mon, being covered in it is kind of an eighth grade dream come true. Missing from that vision, though, is the reality of finding the stuff in my sheets, hair, and laundry for weeks to come.

The holiday season basically begs you to wear glitter as much as my actor friends did, but the fear of post-glitter contamination can put a serious damper on your festivities. No one wants to show up to a party without a little sparkle, but no one wants to wake up the next morning with a face full of glitter and specks nestled into every nook and cranny of their hair, face, and clothes.

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Cleansing wipes can help, but professional makeup artist Mary Wiles, who works on stars like Kirsten Dunst, Kate Hudson, and Carey Mulligan shared a genius hack with Elle that we’re honestly surprised we never thought of: using a lint roller. The sticky paper picks up glitter from practically every surface, while also being accessible (and cheap) since it’s a tried-and-true household staple.

Now that you don’t have to worry about glitter-mageddon, Wiles has a tip for improving your application process: Use a silicone brush to “pick up and stamp” glitter on the skin to assure placement and pigmentation. She recommends sealing it all in with a mist like Make Up For Ever’s Mist and Fix Setting Spray.

With this easy glitter-be-gone hack, get ready to embrace the disco ball beauty looks on everyone’s holiday Pinterest boards this season.

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