SCMP: Witness a clash of convictions set to shape your views ~ Will the 2018/19 Budget surplus continue to be used for a rainy day that never comes?

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Government coffers have surpassed the “saving rainy day” excuse; can the government finally start spending more liberally? Will there be more handouts or fiscal prudence must come first?

On 16 March, panel members will give their views on:
• How is the new administration investing in the future of Hong Kong to enhance the city’s competitiveness?

• How to ensure sustainable economic development, talent and innovation?

• How is the budget addressing Hong Kong’s housing challenges to become a liveable city?

SCMP's Redefining Hong Kong Debate Series

SCMP: Welcome to our sixth Redefining Hong Kong Debate. Featuring constructive dialogue and analysis on how to reposition and redirect Hong Kong for future success, our annual lunch seminar series brought together distinguished speakers to give their opinions on the hot-button topics that affect our city tomorrow. Our panel of experts includes policy makers, practitioners, esteemed academics and business elites. 
Grasp the chance to have your say about how, together, we can shape the future of Hong Kong.

Reserve your seat now!

For enquiries, please contact us on (852) 2680 8902 or

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