Little Handbags πŸ‘œ Onwards

Very smart skills.

Like if I don’t like to answer someone’s questions I smile 👱🏻‍♀️.

Like if I don’t agree with the wisdom which you deem it wise, very wise, I close my mouth 👱🏻‍♀️.

Like if you rush me to do something and elaborate why I have to, I do it straight away. Not because I agree with you, but I want to end the situations and I want to be alone and stay quiet.

There is no need to explain.

There is no one to fulfill you. You have to do it yourself. Unless when you were young and you got great mentors like whom I met when I was in my twenties.

Every age of a woman comes along of its own unique horizons. You can’t quite tell when you haven’t reached that age.

Perhaps it’s the biggest part of the game we call it life.

All in all, in my first hand experience God stir(s). You don’t think so because, might be, perhaps, ok wild guess, that, you are not in God’s hands.

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