Improve Your Confidence and Professional Presentation In 30 Days Via This Simple Course

Imagine a step-by-step guide that transforms your entire image and improves your daily habits so that you find it easier to dress sharp, control your image and set the tone with your colleagues, boss and even women around you.

Let’s Start:

Are you hiding from life?

Do you feel insecure?

Do you feel discouraged by people around you?

There is simply too much information.

Too many "gurus".

Too much to learn…

You have no idea where to start or who to ask.

You know you could be further along with your goals and plansby this point.

You want to get more out of life and be taken more seriously, but for some reason you haven’t tapped your full potential.

Something is always holding you back…

Perhaps, you already started to really apply yourself and have already realized that part of it was due to the way other people perceive you.

If you are like me few years back, your dress habits have basically not changed since high school.

So, people view you not much differently than a high school kid.

Or maybe you became lazy and sloppy with your appearance and didn’t want to talk to anybody or see anyone since you became encapsulated in your shell.

You no longer find it enjoyable to be around other people.

I know – that is tough… and you are missing out a lot.

Perhaps, you are a victim for wearing your clothing a size too big…

But you feel that is because you are insecure in your own appearance and don’t really know what looks good on you.

Perhaps, you don’t feel confident about your image and the way women see you.

How is it possible that other men are not afraid to walk up to an attractive woman, joke around with her and ask for her phone number on the spot?

They are born natural and you aren’t, right?

At least that’s what we like telling ourselves when we see a situation like this.

But what does your appearance say about you?

Over the years you kept repeating to yourself that your outward appearance doesn’t necessarily mean anything but you wanted to be the best man you could be, inside AND out.

You just didn’t know how…

You want to look like a man and be treated as such but you have neglected your image for years to the point you now feel lost.

I get that.

Picking your clothes is annoying and you have no idea what to buy and what looks good on you.

You always had to figure things out on your own.

That’s especially true if you grew up without a father figure around and didn’t have anyone to look up to so you likely copied your friends and dressed like they did.

As a man and someday a father, you just want to look professional in your line of work and set an example for your children.

You may be looking at this and thinking "What does style have to do with this?"

Well, give me 30 seconds to illustrate.

Imagine your son comes down with a fever.

You have no idea why.

So naturally what do you do?

Call the doctor, right?

You make an appointment as soon as possible.

You take him in, sit for 30 minutes in the waiting room, finally get in and get his vitals checked.

More waiting….

Then finally the door opens once more.
The person walks in wearing a T-shirt and says “what seems to be the problem today?”.

Would you say “Thank goodness you’re here doctor” or would you say “umm…where is the doctor?

Or to put it in a different way – "Who the heck is this guy?"

Probably the latter right?

Because he betrayed your expectations by not presenting himself as the person he claims to be.

After all, when was the last time you saw a doctor wearing a t-shirt instead of a medical white coat?

Strange how our outer appearance matters to outsiders, right?

Guess what?

You are being subject to the opinion of others every single day.

So, what can you do about improving your style image quickly, effectively and without breaking the bank buying expensive trendy clothes?

The 30-Day Style Challenge
Your step-by-step roadmap to take your image to a new level

You have no idea about style and you neglect your appearance

Understanding what you need to look the part and what was holding your old self back
You are insecure about your personal presentation

Leveraging your situation and heritage to complement your unique style image
Your habits make you sloppy and disorganized

Establishing manly routines to keep yourself prepared for any opportunity
You wear the same old clothesever since you were in college

Doing a complete wardrobe renewal keeping the good & ditching the bad items
You have no plan or idea how to improve your appearance

Applying an action-based roadmapto establish your personal style and create your image
You don't know what your goals should be and how to achieve them

Setting measurable goals to keep on track and drastically impr

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