What do most sugar daddies want?

I often get asked the question, “what do most sugar daddies want?”  I’ve found that sugar daddies most want a sugar baby who is honestly interested in them and what they have to offer.  Most sugar daddies are bored with life, so they’re looking for a sugar baby to make things fun again. In my experience, most sugar daddies have achieved traditional success, in terms of money, nice cars, access to the best restaurants, designer clothes, and cars, but they no longer enjoy any of it. I had a sugar daddy once tell me that part of what he loved about our relationship was that it gave him the ability to experience everything he’d once loved all over again, which was worth everything to him.

I also think it’s important to be playful. Even though your sugar daddy will pay for your dates and your lifestyle together, you can offer him your creativity and enthusiasm for life. For instance, leave him a note on his mirror or in his briefcase telling him how much fun you had, or what you hope to do with him next time you’re together. Another thing that I’ve found sugar daddies love are sexy selfies. You don’t need to send him nudes. Just a suggestive glance, with a naughty note, is enough to stoke the same feelings he has when he’s with you.

I also think it’s important to thank your sugar daddy when he gives you something, and let him know what his help means to you. A lot of sugar daddies seem to have a hero complex, so your gratitude can mean the world to them. Plus, it makes them more likely to be generous in the future.

Wishing you the best on your sugar adventures!!!


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