Bon Bon CoLiving Latest Apartment and Flatshares Options

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Bon Bon CoLiving Latest Apartment and Flatshares Options


Bon Bon CoLiving has the following *offers. Please feel free to WhatsApp us at +852 9637 5288 or WeChat: Sonilogy for further details and flat viewing arrangement.

HK Midlevels Apartment Flatshare

A. 9.5k Standalone Big Room with Private Shower

B. 8.5k Bright Room Double Bed

C. 4.3k Early Bird Unit of Bunk Bed in a shared bedroom with Private Shower



Common Area and Location Ambiance



* Property rates and rent rates adjust from time to time depends on leasing terms, tenancy relationship and market demand and supply. It’s wise to sign a long lease and seize the units as soon as possible to mitigate cost increase and out of supply.


* Bon Bon Coliving has the right to enter the common areas of any flatshare, except leased rooms and apartment (legal basis: with financial and other obligations fulfilled, tenants/ sub-tenants have the rights to enjoy peaceful stay in their rental units) . Government departments’ assistance will be sought in case of emergency entrances.


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