Bon Bon CoLiving Latest Apartment and Flatshares Options

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Bon Bon CoLiving Latest Apartment and Flatshares Options


Bon Bon CoLiving has the following *offers.

Please feel free to WhatsApp us at +852 9637 5288 or WeChat: Sonilogy for more pictures, further details and flat viewing arrangement.


10k One Bedroom Apartment on a Walk-in, Shan Shui Po

2. 31.2k Midlevels Three Bedrooms Semi furnished

Common Area and Location Ambiance




* Property rates and rent rates adjust from time to time depends on leasing terms, tenancy relationship and market demand and supply. It’s wise to sign a long lease and seize the units as soon as possible to mitigate cost increase and out of supply.


* Bon Bon Coliving has the right to enter the common areas of any flatshare, except leased rooms and apartment (legal basis: with financial and other obligations fulfilled, tenants/ sub-tenants have the rights to enjoy peaceful stay in their rental units) . Government departments’ assistance will be sought in case of emergency entrances.


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