Reblog: What is it like being in a sugar relationship?

Sugar dating requires you to state your needs at the beginning, and your sugar daddy will do the same.

I think every girl’s sugar experience is a little different.   However, there are some aspects that are similar and unique to sugar dating. First, you’ll have the opportunity to be more open and up front with your needs and desires than in any normal past relationship. In fact, sugar dating requires you to state your needs at the beginning, and your sugar daddy will do the same. Based on your ability to meet each other’s needs, you’ll get to decide together whether you want to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship.

Most sugar relationships are set up so that you’re focused on meeting his needs, and he’s focused on meeting yours. With this basic foundation set in the beginning, I’ve found it’s easier to get to know and enjoy each other, since you already know you’re both going to be taken care of.

It should also be clear from the terms of your arrangement that your sugar daddy is into you. There’s no question, if he’s paying you a salary that he’s planning on seeing you again, which eliminates a lot of questioning and self-doubt. I can’t tell you how many times I used to wait by the phone for a guy I was traditionally dating to call or return a text for validation. I never have to wonder whether my sugar daddy is interested, since there’s an added element of security in our financial relationship.

I think it makes perfect sense that a number of sugar relationships often result in marriage. Everyone is getting their needs met, which gives both parties the ability to relax and appreciate one another. It allows for security, which then allows for a greater intimacy to be achieved in a shorter amount of time. Some of my most intense and serious romantic relationships have been with my sugar daddies.  So while sugar dating may be considered non-traditional, I think it has been one of the most successful methods for finding a rewarding romantic relationship for me.


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