Reblog: What should I watch out for when it comes to getting paid?

Try to avoid a pay-per-date plan.

It’s important to plan out the terms of your payment by the end of your first date. In my experience, real sugar daddies will be comfortable negotiating the terms of your salary, as well as letting you know what they want out of the arrangement.  I would go in with a minimum number you’re willing to accept, and let him make the first offer. Often times Sugar Daddies will offer more than you’re expecting to get paid, so I’d advise letting him make the first offer. If he’s new to being a sugar daddy or suggests a per date plan, let him know you’re looking for a monthly salary, which will naturally tend to be a larger dollar amount.

I think it’s really important to try to avoid a pay-per-date plan.  That isn’t to say that a sugar daddy couldn’t give you an additional gift after a fabulous date, but you should plan to get most of your money from a monthly allowance, dinner, gifts, travel, etc.

Usually your monthly allowance should be gifted to you on your second date. Any travel expenses or dining costs will naturally go to your sugar daddy as well. It’s important to let him know what you expect of him, and I’m sure he will do the same for you.  Sugar relationships work best when everyone is up front about any and all expectations. Plus, once business is out of the way, you can focus on really getting to know each other and enjoying the unique aspects of having a successful sugar relationship!

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