Reblog: What CEOs Look For: 5 Things To Ace The Interview

Your next boss is most interested in your contribution to the journey ahead. Where you’re going is far more interesting to your next boss than where you’ve been. Too many job candidates, though, focus on the rearview mirror, describing every detail of everything they ever did. As a CEO who has interviewed countless people, I […]

Reblog: 20 Fatal Online Business Etiquette Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Email Business Etiquette Business Etiquette Mistake #15: Using Overly Casual Language Always proofread your emails. Especially when writing on mobile devices, as autocorrect can sometimes be fatal. Talking in emojis is fun. But, it’s not good business etiquette. Researchers from BGU, University of Haifa, and Amsterdam University found that including emojis in work emails may […]