HRD: HRIS leader reveals the future of tech-based tools

HRIS leader reveals the future of tech-based tools
by Emily Douglas 21 Sep 2018

Online HR information hub HRD spoke to Dolly Oyenuga, a seasoned HRIS specialist, who revealed what first ignited her passion in all this people-related.

“My role essentially is the IT arm of the HR function,” she prefaced. “I manage the HRIS systems we have in the organization, looking after everything from reports and data insights, to managing the employee lifecycle. It involves payroll, onboarding, recruitment and succession planning.

“It’s probably a pretty common buzzword but artificial intelligence and chat bots are really coming into their own,” she explained. “In talent acquisition, it’s a trend to streamline and focus the talent selection using tech. I believe that HRIS is going to specifically be used for finding the right candidates for roles on offer.
“Another key trend involves analytics – it’s becoming very important in organizations, though it’s something of a slow burner. It’s so essential to help companies understand their data and the stories behind it. Finally, I’d have to say cloud and mobile usage popularity is on the up. End users will be able to gain access to all of their information at any given time and in any given place. It allows them to perform whatever tasks they like, from approving expenses to booking in time off.”


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