Film Review: Wedding Trough (1975)

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A lonely farmer courts his pig. He then has sex with it, producing mutant offspring who insist on eating from his plate. The stresses of fatherhood are all too much for the farmer; he has a mental breakdown and kills his children by hanging them in the yard. Poor piggy mother dies of a broken heart, so the farmer buries her and buries himself at the same time… However, while waiting for death he has some kind of religious epiphany and decides to stay alive for a while longer so that he can drink urine and spread handfulls of feathers around before he eventually hangs himself, too. That’s why I stay away from the church.


Directed by: Thierry Zeno
Starring: ???

When the staff at sent me a copy of Thierry Zeno’s Pig Fucking Movie to review on their site, I was slightly taken aback…

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