What Is A Merchandise Marketing Calendar (And Why You Need One) — company-retail – News

In today’s digital world, the importance of digital marketing, i.e. social media, email marketing, and blogging, has forced retailers to share the story about their brand and products. For many retail entrepreneurs, the idea of designing, developing, and producing a product is already overwhelming. Creating content to share alongside product launches can feel like an… via […]

7 Benefits of Being Attractive

Originally posted on The Psych Talk:
Physical attractiveness is the degree to which people are considered beautiful. What is considered ‘beautiful’ differs with time and in different cultures. However, humans who are relatively young, with smooth skin, well-proportioned bodies, and regular features, have traditionally been considered the most beautiful throughout history. Many studies suggest those…

Shopify: The Right Way to Monetize a Blog (With Lessons From Wait But Why)

There was once a time when if you wanted to live as a creator—as an artist—you needed a wealthy patron who was willing to sponsor and encourage your work. In many ways, creators still need patrons to support their work today. But the "patron" now consists of the many people that make up a creator’s audience—their […]