Ai…yesterday was a day with the monthly “periode”- system🙄

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Dear Diary💛

Some days just feels like flossing in the toilet,- like yesterday. And I don’t like days like that. Days that just diseper without beeing used to any thing in a way. The monthly “periode”- system can be a challenge sometimes….for me (and of course other womens). Ugh!!! 🙄 Its pain here and there, and I feel just like “Ugh!”. It’s like is no space for anything in my stomach- no food, no sweeties- nothing! Nada!

( don’t even this is nice and tasty on periode- days. Everything is just cramps-cramps-cramps😶)

I just want to be in peace on my sofa, in front of the tv…..But at the same time I don’t like the feeling that a day just “flow down the toilet”- but yesterday really did. Nothing to do about that- but I can do something with this day insted then😊☀️💛

(flossing….a day….away… yesterday…😔)

And on top of…

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