12 Things You Can Do for Your Small Business While Watching Netflix

“92 percent of respondents reported binge viewing at some point, demonstrating that binge viewing is a new norm.”

The average couch potato (like me) probably won’t lose much from an intense Friends marathon, but that level of downtime can seriously affect an entrepreneur's productivity.

Here are 12 things you can do for your small business while watching Netflix.
Schedule and Automate Your Social Media

You need to share great content in order to build an engaged audience on social media, but remembering to Tweet, share and post throughout the week can be tough. These simple automations can help you keep active (even when you’re not).

1. Schedule your social media posts with a tool like Buffer [30min-1hr]
Unless you’ve quit your day job and dedicated your life to managing a small business, you’re probably too busy to Tweet or share on Facebook regularly. Tools like Buffer can help you schedule your updates so they post automatically throughout the week.

2. Use IFTTT to post your Instagram photos as Twitter photos [5min]
Yes, you can already (sort of) do this by linking your Twitter account to your Instagram app, but those Tweets only show up as links, not full images. To make your Instagram photos truly stand out in your followers’ Twitter timelines, use this recipe in IFTTT. Check out our post about IFTTT to learn more.

3. Build a Tumblr page by re-posting your Instagram photos and likes with IFTTT [5 min]

Marketing with Tumblr is a lot like marketing with Instagram; you should wow people with your images and attract a loyal following who’ll not only purchase your products, but become evangelists for your brand.

These two recipes will help cross-post your Instagram posts, plus any Instagram photos you’ve liked, to your Tumblr account. You’ll probably be scrolling through Instagram anyway, so why not make it productive?

4. Improve Your Product Pages

A great product page needs more than one line of copy and a decent smartphone photo. Sprucing up your images and product descriptions is a lot easier than you might expect. Here are a few ways to get started.



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