The Next Queen of Hip-Hop? Upcoming Artist Young Devyn Stuns With Talent and Versatility

In a year known for powerful and talented female artists such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and others, one new young artist is making a splash- and making waves in the hip hop world. Young Devyn, a 16 year old from New York City, is taking the community by storm, fusing reggae, soca, old school…

Leading evolutionary change with technology —

  Leading evolutionary change with technology Technology and digital innovation are key for asset managers to shape business models into one that is responsive to new market realities The industry has witnessed structural changes in the asset management business globally. Impacting these changes are the low interest rate environment and fee pressures. Worth highlighting too […]

Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine Content Marketing Can Get You Higher Amounts of Social Traffic

Content Marketing Solutions and Business Benefits Content marketing is essential for businesses that want to get ahead in today’s dynamic and competitive world. Strong content marketing techniques can help businesses stay ahead in their fields.They can help businesses of all types communicate with their desired audiences as well. The advantages of content marketing, simply put, […]

Google Chrome WIll No Longer Support Android Jelly Bean — Real World IT

  While Android devices tend to be a bit slow when it comes to receiving updates, to the credit of Android developers, they tend to support apps for a pretty long time and across multiple versions of Android. Unfortunately there is a limit to just how many versions an app can support, and for Chrome […]

The Three Elements of eCommerce Growth by Drew Sanocki of

Drew Sanocki of breaks it down into there are three multipliers of ecommerce growth: Average Order Value (AOV) x Frequency of Purchase x Number of Customers Increasing these three multipliers is the only way your ecommerce store will grow, right? These are the factors that determine how much money you’re going to make from […]