How to Deal with a Co-worker Who Won’t Stop Talking


By Dr. Perry, PhD

“If my headphone are in, I am probably trying to do some work.” ~Anonymous

I was in an office setting this past week. As I spoke to the receptionist her co-worker was loudly sharing a personal story. I could tell the receptionist was uncomfortable and was trying to get her co-worker to stop talking. I found myself not only listening to very personal details of someone’s life but incredibly I was also being asked to partake in the conversation. To state it simply this person would not stop talking.

In every office, there is usually one person who feels the need to fill in everyone around them with the latest details of their life and day. No matter how minor the detail may be the office overtalker must share it. We do our best to avoid them but they often hover over our workstation or walk uninvited into our office…

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