Try Running Without Music

There are two main upsides to running: It’s a great and efficient form of exercise, and it’s also a way to get lost in nature and thought for 45 minutes to an hour (or however long your run is) with few to no distractions.

Sure, a pre-made playlist can pump you up for your run or help you keep pace. But if you want to truly free your mind, suggests Martin Fritz Huber in Outside Online, try running without music.

Huber’s argument is that running outside is one of the few times people, particularly city dwellers, can immerse themselves in the natural world, without screens, text messages or notifications clouding your vision.

When you preselect a soundtrack for your run, you are trying to tacitly control your experience. And in many cases, that is precisely the point: pump-me-up music to get you through those painful final miles, for instance. But…

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