10 Awesome Outdoor Ceilings to Inspire You (1/10)

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BDS Contractors

#10 should have a railing around the ‘cuddle puddle’. Here is a fun one I did in my backyard, and it retracts!



@BDS Contractors: Love the look of that. Can you tell more about how it is done? It might fit my needs, especially since it can retract and isn’t a single solid cover.



#9: the shadows are left to right, so the light (sun) is coming from the left of the photo. Note that the ceiling with the open imprinting is raised from left to right. So the sun (light) is hitting more of an angle – probably directly or lower to the slant of the roof at the time of the photo. Note the beams aren’t articulated neither. Also note the long shadow of the chair and the outside left beam of the roof. Hence, no patterns are showing and it appears as a solid roof shadow. If the (sun) light was a bit higher, you would see the pattern shadow on the flooring.

As to #8: the beams reflecting from a solid base; the thin mesh is small, airy and wavy (not solid like a piece of plywood), hence the reflection is also according.

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