Ordered via Instagram, The chef who wants to unite people through briyani

SINGAPORE: Seven?adults and?a toddler sit patiently at an Aljunied Crescent void deck on a breezy Sunday evening.?Time ticks by; it has been more than 20 minutes,?but there is no complaining, just?the?occasional glance at?watches and handphones. And then?as the lift door opens, conversations are suspended.? Plastic containers are doled out, crumpled?bills exchange?hands, and as dusk falls,…

WhatsApp Bug Let Hackers Use Video Calls to Take Control of Accounts — Fortune

  A researcher for Google’s Project Zero security team on Tuesday revealed in a report that a bug affecting the messaging app WhatsApp would enable bad actors to take control of a user’s account by answering a video call. The problem was exposed by Natalie Silvanovich, a member of the team, who published the findings on… […]