Ordered via Instagram, The chef who wants to unite people through briyani

SINGAPORE: Sevenadults anda toddler sit patiently at an Aljunied Crescent void deck on a breezy Sunday evening.Time ticks by; it has been more than 20 minutes,but there is no complaining, justtheoccasional glance atwatches and handphones.

And thenas the lift door opens, conversations are suspended.

Plastic containers are doled out, crumpledbills exchangehands, and as dusk falls, the lootis quietly trucked off.The deepest cravings have been satisfied – alucky few have caught the “drop”.

They hail from all parts of Singapore, lured by the promise of tender chunks of meat buried under mounds offragrant basmati rice, complementedwith a side of pineapple pickle. This is briyaniso goodit was once sold out in 28 seconds.

“I have a guy who takes public transportfrom Jalan Bahar,orders one packet, comes here and eats in front of me,” said the man behind this phenomenon,Ahmad Zahid. “There was another girl who took a Grab down from Jurong, finished…

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