Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights

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Peter from Long Island suggested I should go to Crown Heights to look for more Hasidic Jews.

This photo is taken from the pedestrian walkway on Eastern Parkway, looking east. Eastern Parkway is the eastern twin of Ocean Parkway. They are these very wide tree-lined boulevards with pedestrian walkways on either side of the main traffic area, and then a service road with parking on the outside of the walkways.

There’s a white line painted down the middle of the pedestrian walkway because you are supposed to walk on the right side of the line and the left side of the line is for bicycles. That’s probably a recent addition. It sounds like a Mayor Bloomberg thing. Bloomberg is the bobo mayor, and he loves stuff like bicycles and telling the poor people what they should eat.

The woman jogging is obviously a bobo. I suspect that if I had…

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