Documentary of a WWII Belgian Resistance Fighter — peoples trust toronto Media Advisory: WWII soldier, Belgian resistance fighter the subject of his granddaughter’s documentary MUNCIE, Indiana — Gabrielle DeLobbe, a Belgian resistance fighter and World War II veteran who now lives in Fort Wayne, discusses his war experiences in “Saboteur,” a documentary produced by Ball State University. What: In 2016, five Ball State Telecommunications […]

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String… {Gift Wrapping Inspiration} — A Farm Girls Life

  Hello, dears! I wrote this draft a while ago when it September was just starting, and WOW, can you believe it’s almost October now?! WHAT. All the stores are putting out Halloween stuff and getting ready for “the holiday season.” NOOOOO IT’S STILL SUMMER, ISN’T IT? *sigh* Anyway, September is one of the most […]

Pride and pre(duties)… — A Barbarian in Gentlemen’s Clothing

  “He understood well enough how a man with a choice between pride and responsibility will almost always choose pride—if responsibility robs him of his manhood.” –Stephen King Duties and responsibilities, we all have them. Our duties to our self, our family, to our friends and to our community. We all have our duties to […]

A Look Inside ‘Shaker Inspiration’ — Lost Art Press

  “Shaker Inspiration,” Christian’s Becksvoort’s new book, is a bit different than most Lost Art Press titles; it’s part inspiration (both for the reader, and a look at the Shaker furniture tradition that has inspired much of Becksvoort’s furniture), part woodworking and design how-to (including some of the high-end touches he incorporates into his work), […]

In a Vase on Monday: Eastern Inspiration — Rambling in the Garden

  The eastern inspiration for today’s vase was the ‘Chinese asters’, Callistephus chinensis ‘Gala Mixed’, which for some reason despite having been sown at the beginning of April has only just begun to flower. Bearing in mind how imminent the first frosts might be I picked the lot of them and searched for appropriate companions. […]

Delicious Japanese Dishes: Monjayaki — Celia in Tokyo

Despite being one of Tokyo’s specialities, monjayaki is probably the least known Japanese food outside of Japan. It is often described as a runnier version of Osaka’s famous savoury pancake, okonomiyaki. Monjayaki’s questionable appearance may be the reason it gets looked over, but don’t let that fool you—it’s a delicious and fun dish to make! via […]

Hong Kong arts centre cancels Chinese dissident author event — Ma Jian satirizes Xi Jinping’s signature campaign “China Dream” — Peace and Freedom

  Ma Jian’s book “China Dream” will not be translated into Chinese in Hong Kong because publishers are “too afraid” — Totalitarianism is nobody’s dream A Hong Kong arts centre hosting the city’s high-profile literary festival has cancelled appearances by exiled Chinese writer Ma Jian, the author said Thursday, as Beijing tightens its grip on […]

A Well-Tuned Symbol? — Consti, Equity, Land & Latte

Prince Charles has marked his 70th birthday by giving an interview to the BBC, which naturally enough addresses his understanding of the role of Monarch (the ‘when’ for ‘if’ is we trust an online typo). As Nicholas Witchell of the BBC more-or-less points out, a constitutional monarch’s role is (per Bagehot) “to advise, to encourage, […] […]