10 Things HK Locals Hate About Expats Walking too fast, ordering too slow, and other things locals hate about ex-brats 2/10

2 Chopsticks Etiquette There’s more to chopsticks than learning how to pick up a dumpling without it falling in your lap. For example – never position your chopsticks upright. Locals find this extremely disrespectful, as it resembles incense that is burned at funerals. Laying your chopsticks across each other is also considered bad luck.

Working Housewives and Superbitches: British Women’s Magazines of the 1970s — We Are the Mutants

By Richard McKenna and Amy Mugglestone So, in summary, you should fantasize about boys, but you shouldn’t ask about sex, but you should stop acting in ways that make boys think you want sex. Even though you’re not supposed to know what that is. What the fuck, Jackie? I’m lost. via Working Housewives and Superbitches: British […]