Five enterprise-architecture practices that add value to digital transformations – McKinsey — healthcarereimagined Architecture teams can play an integral role in transforming companies with technologies. New survey findings and firsthand experience highlight the practices that matter most. What does it take for traditional companies to create value with digital technology? McKinsey research suggests that successful digital reinventors—digital natives and digitally transformed incumbents—employ a range of approaches, […]

What really happened to Russia’s last royal family? — London Life With Liz

  The Science Museum’s latest, superb exhibition is called ‘The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution’ and is based upon the extraordinary 100-year investigation into the disappearance of Russia’s last Tsar and his family – and the medical story attached to it. I was enthralled by this combination of science, history, politics and geography and spent […]

Dallas VideoFest’s PAWFEST: Come Experience the Fun and Connective Power That Animal Videos Can Create — Human2Human

By Eunice Nicholson Dallas – Whether it’s the technical details of shooting or the meticulous process of editing, Will Braden has always loved making films. He also loves cats. As creator of the Henri, le Chat Noir video series and curator of the original CatVideoFest, Braden continues to bring cat lovers around the world the […] […]

Looks so cool. Repurposed: What do you do with an old toddler bed? You make it i… — Best DIY ideas

  Looks so cool. Repurposed: What do you do with an old toddler bed? You make it into a corner dining room table set, of course. When you click on the photo, you will see photos of the entire process, from beginning to end. Looks so cool. Repurposed: What do you do with an old […]

It’s not all about stereotypes, right? (Flood #1) — Everyday Intergenerational Conversations : Millennials & Baby Boomers

  I left class on Saturday reflecting on my own experiences with different generations at Merck and took a mental note to amp up my empathy. It was a strong reminder that our experiences are so impactful to who we are and how we view life, regardless of generation. I was struck by the comments […]

3Novices:Where a French wine merchant eats in Hong Kong –preferably outdoors — 3noviceschina

Frenchman Jean Loup Thomazo has lived in Hong Kong for four years and is the founder and CEO of Natural Food & Beverages, a shop specialising in organic wines and fine spirits. I’m from Southwest France, between Toulouse and the ocean. The area is a main producer of foie gras. I travel a lot around […] […]

Scotland versus the Royal family — revoltingsubject

  The royal family, should more accurately be called The London Royal Family. They never really leave their palaces in the exclusive parts of London. The (very dubious) argument that they Are Good For Tourism should really read The Are Good For Tourism in Very Wealthy Parts of London. There are however, transparently patronising attempts […] […]

ENGLISH HEROES AND TRAITORS: ANDREA DAVISON AND THE “ROYAL” FAMILY — Fighting Monarch Andrea Davison is a former intelligence agent, born in Britain, who exposed illegal arms deals and satanic child abuse. Hounded from England, she retreated to the Argentine, where she lives in exile. That’s what happens to English heroes under a regime of child molesters, traitors, and cowards. Whether they be the Prime Minister of […]

Who said beard culture is dead? Evidence points to thriving beard brotherhood — National Post

  A couple years ago, media outlets around the world declared the beard trend had gone the way of manbuns, hoverboards and distressed jeans. “Face it: Beard Trend is Finally Over According to Grooming Experts,” blared a headline in The (U.K.) Independent. “Beards Aren’t Cool Anymore,” opined Vice. Even the normally staid Wall Street Journal weighed… […]

Cute Pets & Funny Animal Videos | Funny Animals Compilation 2018 — ViralNewt

Thank you so much for watching this video! I highly appreciate everyone who subscribed to FragOut, liked this video, shared it with friends and left a comment about this funny video! Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: More funny videos: Animals funny videos: Brand new cute pets & funny animals compilation! […] […]

Win the brand selling game by elevating your brand’s trust barometer — B2B Marketing Insights

  Marketing is much more complicated today. The number of channels and customer touch points is growing. The mobile Internet, social media, and the ease of online shopping are changing how consumers decide to buy. Your next customer is on a decision journey that is unprecedented in terms of buyer intelligence and transparency of brand […]

Macron and Merkel in EU power-grab with latest plot to strengthen Brussels — Newslanes | The News Hub

  Revenues from the new tax would help fund a euro zone budget and participating countries would be allowed to use the revenues to offset their contributions to the wider EU budget under new proposals. German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire will discuss… via Macron and Merkel in EU […]

ENGLISH HEROES AND TRAITORS: ANDREA DAVISON AND THE “ROYAL” FAMILY — Fighting Monarch Andrea Davison is a former intelligence agent, born in Britain, who exposed illegal arms deals and satanic child abuse. Hounded from England, she retreated to the Argentine, where she lives in exile. That’s what happens to English heroes under a regime of child molesters, traitors, and cowards. Whether they be the Prime Minister of […]

The radical plan of China to judge the behavior of every citizen — Arcynewsy

Of Karen Leigh and Dandan Li | Bloomberg December 2 at 7:44 pm China has a radical plan to influence the behavior of its 1.3 billion citizens: it wants to classify them according to aspects of their lives to reflect how good (or bad) civilians are. The versions of the so-called social credit system are […] […]

Economic winter and the coming end of globalisation — forecastingintelligence

  The International Banker “As “free” market capitalism breaks down in a postgrowth era, command economies will be the logical fallback — both China and Russia already have hybrid state-capitalist economies, and as China extracts itself from the economic crisis its last few decades have guaranteed it, it’ll move further into a command economy […] via […]

Location, Personalization & Privacy — Is There a ‘Middle Way?’ — Linking New Customers To Your Business

  August 28, 2018 | Contributed by: Greg Sterling Perasonalization has been a buzzword for several years, but one hears it even more these days. It can mean different things in different contexts. In the most sophisticated ad or marketing scenarios, personalization is driven by lots of data, including location history. In other words, my […]

Trade war truce triggers surge in European shares — peoples trust toronto December 3, 2018 LONDON (Reuters) – Miners, autos, tech, and oil stocks all surged on Monday, driving Europe’s main benchmarks up strongly after U.S. and Chinese leaders agreed a temporary truce in an ongoing trade war which has roiled global financial markets. Germany’s DAX – the most sensitive to China and trade war […] […]

Quiet Casualty of Sri Lanka’s Political Crisis: A Sugar Tax by MIKE IVES — Focus News Agency

  By MIKE IVES In an effort to increase public support for the disputed prime minister, the government is reducing a tax on sugary drinks that experts say is vital for the country’s health. Published: December 3, 2018 at 12:00AM from NYT World via IFTTT via Quiet Casualty of Sri Lanka’s Political Crisis: A Sugar […]

Sensible Survivalists: Basic Homesteading Skills My Grandmother Learned — Lower Valley Assembly

  The Sensible Survivalists have a nice article up titled The Basic Homesteading Skills My Grandmother Learned During WWII And Then Passed On To Me. If you are getting ready to start your first garden or just beginning to move toward more self-sufficiency, it’s a good read to get you on your way. I think […]

Culturally Tailored Messages Improve Alzheimer’s Disease Literacy Among African Americans — Atlanta Daily World

  A new USC study shows that older African-Americans who received culturally tailored text messages about Alzheimer’s disease had the highest increase in Alzheimer’s disease literacy levels when compared with other participants. Researchers say the study, published in the American Journal for Geriatric Psychiatry, shows culturally competent educational formats are an important way to reduce […]

VIDEO: These Beautiful Human-Animal Hugs Will Make Your Day — Lady Freethinker

According to veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, the bond between humans and animals surpasses unconditional love and has a big impact on our health and lives. Having a furry companion is therapeutic on many levels and in many ways. For example, a dog may encourage its typically sedentary owner to be more active. Interactions between pain […] […]

Blocks, Boxes Better Than High-Tech Toys For Young Kids, Report Says — CBS Boston

  Skip the costly electronic games and flashy digital gizmos. Pediatricians say the best toys for tots are old-fashioned hands-on playthings that young children can enjoy with parents — things like blocks, puzzles — even throwaway cardboard boxes — that spark imagination and creativity. “A cardboard box can be used to draw on, or made into… […]

Microsoft HoloLens enters the US Army — Grouvy Today

  $ 480 Million Contract Awarded to Microsoft to Provide Prototype HoloLens Augmented Reality Systems for Use in Combat and Training Missions According to General Services Administration Document . The contract could eventually lead the army to buy more than 100,000 AR helmets as part of a program aimed at “increasing lethality by improving the […]

Web Design Secrets —

Responsive Internet design is a group of procedures for developing Sites that Focus on a number of monitor measurements. In these lessons, We’ll make use of the foundational ideas of responsive design as being a framework for thinking about site layout. We will learn how to collect facts, check out prospective concepts, and iterate over […] […]

Blockchain: By the Numbers — Official Blockchain News & Information

  [ad_1] The digital economy has exploded in the last decade, with the value of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin skyrocketing to astronomical levels. The technology that supports this digital economy is blockchain, which essentially serves as an encrypted ledger to track the ownership and value of cryptocurrencies. For a better understanding of the enormous […] via […]

Million Dollar Cocktail —

  There’s lots to love about Rosé Cider. Read about my favorites ciders with tasting notes in the Roanoker Magazine behind the page: Million Dollar Cocktail I love any recipe that is named “Million Dollar”. This Million Dollar Cocktail recipe is worth its weight in gold! Absolutely divine! Place Nick and Nora style cocktail […]

‘Video game rehab’ is just an excuse for lazy parents — Peace and Freedom

  The kids are not alright, and parents are hoping someone else will do something about it. Last week, Bloomberg reported on parents seeking out rehab for children addicted to the popular video game Fortnite. One Michigan mom told of how her son had “been logging 12 hours a day on the video game.” This […]

Todd Miller: Why the Migrant Caravan Story Is a Climate Change Story — Vox Populi

  Drought, crop failure, storms, and land disputes pit the rich against the poor, and Central America is ground zero for climate change. Less than a mile south of the U.S.-Mexico border, in Sasabe, Mexico, a Guatemalan man named Giovanni (whose first name is used to protect his undocumented status) propped up his feet while […]

Rajasthan: In election time, where MeToo sits uneasy with Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao — Paperdabba

  Related News Having a woman as chief minister has made no difference to their lives, says a group of young women. In Rajasthan, the search for the “women’s vote” can be a zigzag journey where every signpost of change is also a pointer to that which has not changed. Come to Jhunjhunu, where in […]

The Corruption Cases Against Netanyahu by DAVID M. HALBFINGER — Focus News Agency

  By DAVID M. HALBFINGER The Israeli prime minister faces possible bribery and fraud charges stemming from three separate corruption investigations this year. Published: December 2, 2018 at 12:00AM from NYT World via IFTTT via The Corruption Cases Against Netanyahu by DAVID M. HALBFINGER — Focus News Agency

Sharp rise in email and social media hacking in the UK — Infosec News Ireland

  Police forces across the UK are coming under increasing pressure to launch criminal investigations into incidents of social media and computer hacking, according to a new report from the Parliament Street think tank. The news comes as senior Police Chiefs have warned that budget cuts and limited resources are leading to an increase in […]

7 tips for creating compelling social media content — Rotary Voices

  By Ashley Demma, social & digital specialist for Rotary International It’s hard to believe that social media has been around for more than twenty years. From the early days of crafting the perfect AIM away message in the late ‘90s to the rise of sharing photography on Instagram … social media has certainly come […]

Analysis of articles : the surprising history of fried chicken. — Critical Reading Rahayu barokah haeratih

  Open the user menu Search Groupon Notifications Inbox2Cart All DealsGoodsThings To DoBeautyFoodGetawaysCyber WeekCategoriesCoupons GROUPON GUIDE Food & Drink Style & Beauty Arts & Leisure Home The Surprising History of Fried Chicken BY: Shannon Grilli | Apr 12, 2017 There are few foods as connected with the American South as fried chicken. But would you […]

A brief history of collective punishment: From the British Empire to Israel and the Palestinians — Russia News Now

  © Felton Davis | CC BY 2.0 As old as war itself, collective punishment has long been the most damning and destructive weapon of all. Not satisfied with engaging combatants alone and directly, historically, it has fueled state reprisal against families, communities and entire populations in a drive to “win” a given conflict, military […]

Tiramisu cocktail canapé ice cream sing-a-long. I have a dream…… — ice cream magazine

  I eat ice cream, a thong to ping, it’s dashed my hopes of every thing ‘coz it is no wonder, because it is a fail I eat all the ice cream, eat it by the pail. I’m now wearing bloomers living with my cellulite you see Big old-fashioned bloomers […] via Tiramisu cocktail canapé ice […]

Cyberwar might be hard to understand, yet we should all try — The fifth domain

  A group of Western nations accused Russian intelligence agents of multiple cyber-attacks. The US revealed its first “known overseas cyber-operation” to protect the midterm elections. Over 50 countries, 130 companies and 90 universities and non-governmental groups signed the “Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace”. Marriott hotels have been the target of one of […]

Are our assumptions helpful or harmful? — Pointless Overthinking

  Since we enjoyed some beautiful content about cognitive biases lately, I’d like to approach another bias we “love” to do. It’s about assumptions. We assume. A lot. Whenever there is something we don’t have information about, we fill in the blanks with whatever we believe to be real based on our past experiences. […] via […]