Blog post re-share: You Are Amazing — My Wellbeing and Learning Journey

  Originally posted on Letitgocoach: I’m truly enjoying the November Soul Reset. Day Three is talking about gratitude, but not just the proverbial list. It asked me to thank myself. To say ‘thank you’ to me for being me. Consider the last time you felt thankful for yourself. Really genuinely. Not because someone told you […]

Top Asian News 5:07 GMT — News Archives Uk

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) – Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena dismissed the country’s prime minister and his cabinet and replaced him with a former strongman who, as some observers said, could be a constitutional crisis in the South Asian island nation. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told reporters Friday that he had no intention of leaving […] […]

FOX NEWS: Struggling Apple is slashing the price of the new iPhone XR — Fiverr Alternative

  Struggling Apple is slashing the price of the new iPhone XR Apple is pulling out all the stops as it scrambles to prop up sputtering sales of its new iPhone XR. via FOX NEWS via FOX NEWS: Struggling Apple is slashing the price of the new iPhone XR — Fiverr Alternative

The Geopolitics of Human Gene Editing — Astute News

  A cursory warning was left by renowned physics professor Stephen Hawking regarding a future where a race of superhumans, manipulating their DNA, would taking control of their own evolution. The warning came just before his death in March of this year. The Washington Post in its article, “Stephen Hawking feared race of ‘superhumans’ able […]

New top story from Time: Threats to Journalists Worldwide Are at a 10-Year High, Report Says — Focus News Agency

A new report has found that journalists face more danger than at any other time over the past 10 years, with 78 journalists killed and a further 326 imprisoned while doing their job or for their work in 2017. Article 19, a U.K.-based human rights NGO working to advance freedom of expression and information, released […] […]

A brief history of Facebook — Roedie The Great Philosopher

Sarah Phillips reports on the development of Facebook, from a Harvard social-networking website to a global internet phenomenon Mark Zuckerberg, 23, founded Facebook while studying psychology at Harvard University. A keen computer programmer, Mr Zuckerberg had already developed a number of social-networking websites for fellow students, including Coursematch, which allowed users to view people taking […]

Sunday in the Park with Brian: Therapy Session #4 (The “Lost in Translation” Version) — Bonnywood Manor

  Note: This is a flashback post from our first trip to Spain. Hopefully, the statute of limitations has run out on any crimes that we may have committed… We’re still traipsing around the Andalusian countryside, avoiding any degree of responsible behavior as well as local authorities, so I don’t have quite the time for […] […]

Entertain. Educate. Engage. — Business storytelling

In an older article about “five do’s and don’ts for speakers at B2B events,” I briefly touched upon organizers and audiences’ expectations of presenters at public events. I identified them as the 3 E’s: entertain, educate, and engage. Well, I’m once again at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and as with previous editions I […] […]

Japan Set to Allow Gene Editing in Human Embryos — SOMEONE SOMEWHERE

  Draft guidelines permit gene-editing tools for research into early human development, but would discourage manipulation of embryos for reproduction. Japan has issued draft guidelines that allow the use of gene-editing tools in human embryos. The proposal was released by an expert panel representing the country’s health and science ministries on 28 September. Although the […]

My Health And Fitness Journey: Diet Changes + Fitness Motivation — Dreaming of Guatemala

  Hi there! 💕 I hope you’re having a beautiful day. 😊 It has been a couple of months since I last wrote about any lifestyle changes I’ve been making, so I’d like to do that today! via My Health And Fitness Journey: Diet Changes + Fitness Motivation — Dreaming of Guatemala

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Owning A Pet Parrot? —

  There are many unique benefits to owning a pet parrot. Parrots are lovable creatures, who often love to speak to their owners. Some species are very affectionate towards humans and can make the perfect pet companions. If you’ve never owned a parrot before, then you may not realize the many benefits that parrot ownership […]