Braids – 5 Easy Back-To-School Braid Hairstyles for Toddler Girls! How To Braid Hair/Princess Braid

Braids – 5 Easy Back-To-School Braid Hairstyles for Toddler Girls! How To Braid Hair/Princess Braid

Silly AVAcado gets her hair braided! Mornings can be rushed so here are five (5) quick and easy braid hairstyle ideas for toddlers, two (2) year olds and girls of all ages and all lengths of hair! Silly AVAcado has her hair braided as a simple and easy braid, fishtail braid, two (2) pigtail braids, two (2) half up half down braids and a twisty braid.

The twisty braid reminds Silly AVAcado of Queen Elsa’s hair in Frozen. It also works like a hair headband to keep hair out of Silly AVAcado’s face. Twist each of the two (2) strands of hair to the right and then wrap those around each other to the left. If the twist seems to unravel, try twisting the individual strands more to the right before wrapping them around each other.

Watch Silly AVAcado’s 6 quick and easy ponytail hairstyles video too!

We have tried a lot of rubber bands for little girls’ hair and our favorite by far are the small rubbery rubber bands that we found at the grocery store. They don’t break or stretch out quickly. They also grip little girls’ hair well to stay put but don’t rip out Silly AVAcado’s hair like other rubberbands. The sets we buy come with bright colors to match any outfit: light pink, hot pink, purple, teal blue and black.

Silly AVAcado has a LOT of hair bows and hair clips. The most amazing storage idea we have come up for them is to use a plastic fishing tackle box as it has individual storage compartments. You can organize by color or by type if you want! Ours is made by Plano but there are probably others that will work.

Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite braid is! We have more braid ideas to share! Like my video and let me know you want to see more! Can’t wait to read about it! Did you try Silly AVAcado’s hair supply storage idea and LOVE it too?!

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