How HR can combat sexual harassment

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by HRD | Feb 26, 2018

The Sex Discrimination Act that outlaws harassment on the grounds of gender or sexual harassment came into law in 1984.However,the issue has been increasingly prominent in the public arena, according to Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

?In Australia, this has been most notably through the investigative journalistic work of Tracey Spicer and Kate McClymont who were looking at particular industries, but certainly it?s a warning bell for other industries and other organisations,? Annese told HRD.

Organisations that are members of DCAhave very strong, zero-tolerance policies against sexual harassment,” Annese added.

?However, an organisation involvesinteractions betweenmany human beings andthat?s not always easy to control.

?So we hope that our members continue to take that stance of zero-tolerance and don?t protect people who are perpetuating particular behaviors.?

Annese said that when inappropriate behavior does occur it?s important that the issue is dealt with…

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