How I Cut My Own Hair in Layers

How I Cut My Own Hair in Layers

Products Used:
Scissors (Conair: Styling Essentials 5 1/2″ Barber Shears)
2 hair ties
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Disclaimer : I am by no means a hair professional, but this is just how I’ve always cut my own hair when I wanted some layers. I don’t want to be responsible for any mistakes, so only try this if you’re absolutely certain you want to, but be open to making any mistakes on your first try. If cutting your own hair is something you wanted to try and if it’s you’re first time doing it, it’s best to start cutting off little by little at first. Especially if you’re a little scared, since this is your first time. So instead of cutting an entire inch, start by cutting off half an inch and go from there. That way you can fix any mistakes if any, without compromising too much length, or straighten off any jagged edges, and see if you actually like the cut before continuing. After years of cutting my own hair, I’ve learned exactly what style and how much length I wanted cut off. I now love cutting my own hair.


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