Duke Of Cambridge Says His Son George Realizes His Father Is ‘Futile’ At Arts And Crafts — News of Africa

  He’s recently clowned that he’s not a decent cook – now Prince Williams has conceded he’s not solid in human expressions and artworks division either. Amid an ongoing illustrious commitment at The Passage, a London philanthropy for the destitute, the 36-year-old dad-of-three was approached to help get ready for an occasional party, While being tasked… […]

Barney’s Latest Collab Goes Green With a Line of Sporty Jackets Made From Repurposed Surfing Kites — Robb Report

  The luxury retailer has teamed up with ExKite for a line of sporty, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind jackets. via Barney’s Latest Collab Goes Green With a Line of Sporty Jackets Made From Repurposed Surfing Kites — Robb Report

[Huawei Incident] Another Canadian may be missing in China — National Post

  OTTAWA — After Beijing authorities detained one Canadian citizen this week and accused him of spying, in a case many are linking to Canada’s recent arrest of a high-profile Chinese executive, a second Canadian citizen has gone missing in China and may be in trouble. During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland… […]

We Are Dressed Up in Conflict and Appropriation, Colonial Legacy — The Rotinwa Read

  The history of (West) Africa’s most famous, loved and easily identifiable fabric – the Ankara – is a book written with half-truths, missing many scripts and authored by interlopers. Their version of the story begins once upon a time, in the Netherlands where ‘African prints’ (which Ankara is sometimes also called) was first manufactured. […]

Judged “naughty or nice” determines if you are allowed on planes or trains in China

The Communist Party is watching – and punishing – many citizens of China today, and in 18 months everyone will be judged by their Social Credit – a number earned by absolute obedience to government rules, always behaving nicely, and paying your bills promptly. During the experimental period since 2015, those with low scores had […] […]

Bees wearing wireless sensors create a “living Internet of Things platform” — Sound Books

  While researchers continue attempts to build practical insect-size flying robots, engineers at the University of Washington have prototyped a backpack for real bees that outfits the insects with sensing, computing, and wireless networking capabilities. From UW News: “We decided to use bumblebees because they’re large enough to carry a tiny battery that can power […]

US officials: China poses serious national security threat — Financial Post

WASHINGTON — Cyber threats from China and its theft of intellectual property from American companies pose large economic and national security challenges for the United States, national security officials said Wednesday. Officials from the Department of Justice, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security told the Senate Judiciary Committee that China is working to… via […]