Winter Mojito

This winter mojito combines dark rum, winter herb syrup, lime, and soda for a twist on the traditional cocktail. This in hand, we’ll happily raise a glass to drinking mojitos year-round. Adapted from Editors of Punch | Winter Drinks | Ten Speed Press, 2018 Mojitos in winter? We’ll raise a glass to that. Dark rum […]

Sylvia Pankhurst’s popularity shows the shifting nature of politics | Martin Kettle

She was not the most celebrated suffragette at the time. History is as much about the present as the past Newspapers are about the present not the past. It’s rare for a long-dead historical figure to make it into them, let alone twice in just a few days. That’s the sort of feat that only […]

Will China’s new forced technology transfer law satisfy US concerns?

Foreign businesses are sceptical that China's new legislation banning forced technology transfer will reduce confrontation with the US, saying the new laws may not change current practices. The draft foreign investment law was revealed on Sunday as pressure mounts on Beijing to act on long-standing complaints from foreign governments and companies about forced technology transfers. […]

Transcript: David Hall, ROTR

The transcript from this week’s MIB David Hall, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Fund, is below. You can stream/download the full conversation, including the podcast extras on iTunes, Bloomberg, Overcast, and Stitcher. Our earlier podcasts can all be found at iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, and Bloomberg. ~~~ DAVID RITHOLTZ, HOST, MASTERS IN BUSINESS: This week on the podcast, I have an extra special guest, his name is… […]