[Panda Arts] Each Piece I Create Using A Stippling Technique Takes Between 200 And 700 Hours To Make

http://bit.ly/2GXcMhs I draw in a technique called stippling. I draw pieces that take between 200 and 700 hours to complete. Dot by dot with a pen. I mainly draw human figure as a way to endlessly explore light and shadow shifting on surface. No one’s body is the same. More info: Instagram | Facebook 21 […]

Drinking water guidelines in the US vary widely from state to state

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J In response to the growing problem of drinking water contaminated with per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a new analysis shows that many states are establishing their own guideline levels for two types of PFAS–PFOA and PFOS–that differ from federal guidelines. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily http://bit.ly/2Ff14Ns

The first case of a Portuguese beetle living exclusively in groundwater

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J A diving beetle demonstrating various adaptations to the life underground, including depigmentation and evolutionary loss of eyes, was discovered in the cave Soprador do Carvalho, Portugal. This new to science species is the first known representative of the whole order of beetles to exclusively inhabit the underground waters of Portugal. Vía Latest Science News […]

Medical scanner helps to unlock the mysteries of a giant prehistoric marine reptile

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J A nearly meter-long skull of a giant fossil marine ichthyosaur found in a farmer’s field more than 60 years ago has been studied for the first time. Using cutting-edge computerized tomography (CT) scanning technology, the research reveals new information including details of the rarely preserved braincase. The almost 200-million-year-old fossil, which was found in […]

Artist collapses at Comiket and dies, leading brother to make a request of all anime illustrators

Message of heartfelt thanks is mixed with cautionary advice as artist passes away far too young. Like many Japanese illustrators, Kuro Hekiten’s plans for late December were to exhibit and sell his works at Comiket, Japan’s largest convention for self-published dojinshi anime/manga-style art and comics. He was so enthusiastic that he arrived early, helping to […]