[Panda Arts] My 24 Favorite Painted Feathers That I Made In 2018


They call me the feather lady.

When I started painting feathers in 2013 I never knew it would become so popular. Now, I am known for it and people all over the world buy my feathers.

I collect feathers from my walks. Also, people send me the feathers they find and their bird’s feathers. 

Painting feathers is a difficult art to master. It takes patience, much practice, and understanding of birds.

Here is a selection of my favorite feather paintings from 2018.

More info: dustysoulsart.com | Instagram | Facebook | Etsy

fox on turkey

elephant on peafowl

barn owl on peafowl

otter on peacock

eagle owl on goose

bellowing stag on guineafowl

wolf on turkey

tawny owl on goose

gannets on goose

robin on guinea fowl

kingfisher on goose

barn owl on buzzard feathers

octopus on magpie glass locket

mother and child on peacock

moongazey hare silver earrings

stag on peafowl

fox on guinea fowl

black cockatoo on black cockatoo

golden eagle on golden eagle

macaw on macaw

hare on peacock

barn owl on buzzard

barn owl on barn owl

barn owl on barn owl

Vía Art – Bored Panda http://bit.ly/2CcPQFl

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