Dog Rescue Stories: Hallie Was Neglected and Covered in Wounds

I’m Hallie, an 18 month old wolfhound cross living in Sydney, Australia!

I had a bit of a rough start in life. Originally, someone trained me to chase pigs in the bush. I was found neglected with terrible fleas and wounds because I’d scratched myself so badly. I’d never worn a collar, never been in a car, and probably never seen a vet.

The lovely team at Fetching Dogs (a foster based rescue in Sydney) rescued me from this horrible situation and put me into foster care.

Source: Positively Woof

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It’s taken me the best part of this year to find my forever home. I was adopted twice before but returned (neither time was my fault). Then, the best thing happened!

My forever mum, Hannah, spotted me on a website for adoption! It was love at first sight (for both of us)! I’m very happy in my new home and mum says that I’ve helped her heal after a tough year, so it’s win-win for both of us!

Source: Positively Woof

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I love walkies (especially on the beach), and have a couple of big dog friends who I LOVE to play with. I still have a lot of fear based issues but Mum and I (and a trainer) are working hard to help me overcome them.

I’ve improved a lot since I’ve come to my new home.

Mum says to remind everyone ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!

Source: Positively Woof

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// story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.



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