Group Exhibition “Manifesta” at GRIMM, Amsterdam

“Manifesta” at GRIMM Gallery focuses on selected artists from the gallery program, who have all studied at one of the significant (post-graduate) academies in Amsterdam, such as the Rijksakademie, De Ateliers, and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. On view through May 17, 2019, the exhibition, as the gallery writes, “underscores the importance of these institutions in times of austerity in the arts.”The artists featured include, Alex Dordoy, who is known to create images using advertisements from the 1920s and 1930s as source material that addresses the mechanisms of visual attraction. The artists strip down these materials and recontextualizes through the manipulation of pictures and text.Saskia Noor van Imhoff uses original and found objects, her own and others’ artworks, texts, diagrams, an archive of online found images, and documentation of previous exhibitions. “The specific ways of arranging the readymade and self-made object form new constellations in a system on itself,” the gallery writes.Adriano Amaral, on the other hand, engages in an alchemic artistic process by employing synthetic and organic compounds as well as video, light and sound. According to the gallery, “The materials and objects in his work form rare combinations that deny a categorical logic or hierarchy and acts to decontextualize architectural spaces with sensitivity to the viewer’s physical presence.”Dana Lixenberg’s “Imperial Courts 1993-2015,” tracks the changing shape of a small, inner-city community from Los Angeles through a combination of video, a web documentary, audio recordings, and a series of 393 black and white photographs made with a large format camera. Ger van Elk presents two late works from his “Conclusions series,” which consists of painted-over photographs of different urban and rural landscapes that embraces the historical Dutch painting genre. These Abstract works have multiple layers of paint that are added to the photograph printed on canvas. Martinez Garay’s work, as the gallery writes, “investigates objects’ journeys between their origin and destination, suggesting that the information accrued in these transitory spaces holds value and power.”The other works featured include, Alex van Warmerdam’s projection work “De Gaper (The Yawner)” from 1984, adapted to a site-specific installation in the monumental Manifesta office building. Michael Raedecker two new paintings combine embroidery with paint creating images of desolate environments. This exhibition is on view from November 24 through May 17, 2019 at GRIMM, Frans Halsstraat 26, 1072 BR Amsterdam, The Netherlands.For details please visit: on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition. Louise Blouin



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