5 Poses to Calm Your Pre-Flight Jitters

Feeling a little anxious before take-off? Find an empty-ish space near your gate to practice these postures.

As a yogi, you can learn a lot about your fears through your practice. Think about the first few times you practiced going upside down in Headstand or Handstand, or even when your teacher asked you to hold Chair Pose longer than what felt comfortable for you.

The good news? Facing your fears on the mat can help you feel prepared when you face fears off the mat. By getting to know your nervous system, you can learn how to find a steady and comfortable seat anywhere—whether it’s at the gate before you board, in your seat during turbulence, or before you land.

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Try this 5-pose sequence to calm any nervous energy you might have before flying:

About the Author

Sarah Ezrin is a yoga teacher in San Francisco. Learn more at sarahezrinyoga.com

source https://www.yogajournal.com/practice/5-poses-to-calm-your-pre-flight-jitters


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