Ethiopia charges former regional president, others of instigating ethnic violence

Ethiopian prosecutors on Wednesday charged the former president of the Somali Region and 46 others with instigating ethnic violence there last year, as the new prime minister cracks down on the security services and senior members of past administrations. source

Do childless couples suffer from flexibility policy bias? Recruitment, Talent and HR professionals are finally seeing an increase in employers embracing remote working and flexible hours. The required technology is readily available and cheap, and studies have shown just how productive employees can be when they are shown the trust and empathy in adapting their hours to achieve a positive work/life balance….

How are British employers responding to the #MeToo campaign? But what has the Government put in place to protect individuals from further abuse in the workplace? Why does Britain’s attempt to change the law seem feeble compared to other countries? <img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full" It was reported that just two-thirds of UK employers have taken action to prevent further sexual harassment occurrences…