Auction Preview: Arcade | 14th to 20th Century Painting at Pandolfini Casa d’Aste, Florence, Feb 26


What: Arcade | 14th to 20th Century PaintingWhere: Pandolfini Casa d’Aste, Ramirez-Montalvo Palace, Borgo degli Albizi, 26, FLORENCEWhen: Feb 26, 10:30 AMPublic Viewing: 22nd – 25th February 2019, 10 am – 1 pm / 2 pm – 7 pmTop Lots of the Sale:- “The Repentant Magdalene” – Antonio Franchi (Villa Basilica, Lucca, 1638 – Florence, 1709); oil on canvas. Measured at 96 x 118 cm. Estimated Price: $45,300 – $79,300- “Madonna with Child and Four Angels”, about 1360 – Master of Popiglio (active in Pistoia and Pisa in the second and third quarter of the 14th century); tempera on shaped table, gold background. The painting, which, due to its size, is conceivable as the center of a triptych or polyptych, appears well legible and judicious, despite the signs left by old restoration work on some portions of the pictorial surface. Measured at 132 x 70 cm. Estimated Price: $39,650 – $56,650- “Equestrian Battle” – Ilario Spolverini (Parma, 1657 – 1734); oil on canvas. Measured at 180 x 370 cm. Estimated Price: $28,300 – $45,300- “Saint Anthony the Abbot” – Emilian School, 17th century; oil on canvas. Measured at 83 x 68 cm. Estimated Price: $22,650 – $34,000- “Salvator Mundi the Holy Trinity” – North Italian School, 15th century; oil and gold on panel. Measured at 82 x 50 cm; lunettes, 31.5 x 49 cm. Estimated Price: $22,650 – $34,000- “Architectural Capricci with Ruins and Figures” – Pietro Paltronieri called Il Mirandolese (Mirandola, 1673 – Bologna, 8 July 1741); pair of paintings, tempera on canvas. Measured at 295 x 160 cm (2). Estimated Price: $22,650 – $34,000- “Judith and her Maid Abra” – Flemish Caravaggesque Painter, 17th century; oil on canvas. Measured at 124 x 162.5 cm. Estimated Price: $22,650 – $34,000- “Still-Lifes with Flowers Composition, Winged Animals, Duck and Swan” – Nicola Casissa (Naples, 1680 ca. -1731); a pair of paintings, oil on canvas. Both signed in the lower part of the painting on the rocks. Measured at 100 x 140 cm. Estimated Price: $20,400 – $28,310- “Battle Scene” – Jacques Courtois, the Borgognone (Saint-Hyppolite, 1621 – Rome, 1676); oil on canvas. For a long time hidden in a private collection in Milan, the painting offered here today confirms to be a certain autograph of the Burgundian artist, presenting in an almost paradigmatic way the figures and the characteristic compositional structure of his rich catalog of battles. Measured at 52.5 x 78 cm. Estimated Price: $17,000 – $28,310- “Madonna with Child, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Michael the Archangel” – Zanino di Pietro (Bologna, 1389 – Venice, 1443); tempera on panel. Measured at 60 x 49.5 cm. Estimated Price: $17,000 – $22,650For details, visit: on the slideshow for the highlights of the salehttps://www.blouinartinfo.comFounder: Louise Blouin



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