“Half-Lowered Eyelids” by Gareth Cadwallader at Josh Lilley, London

The Josh Lilley gallery will be hosting a new show, titled “Half-Lowered Eyelids,” featuring works of British painter Gareth Cadwallader. The show marks as the first solo exhibition of the artist with the gallery, and will run through February 16, 2019.One of its kind, the show attributes its theme to everything anyone could engage into with ‘half-lowered eyelids.’ These are unique compositions with acts that are emotional and hard to quantify. “Buoyed by crystalline composition from a school of rigor and obsession connecting Paolo Uccello and Vladimir Tatlin, Cadwallader paints small Realist jewel portals — never larger than 10 x 8 inches — depicting acts that cannot be quantified. These acts include looking, thinking, and relaxing,” the gallery adds.The journey that Cadwallader makes is that of understanding perceptions, and through his art he tries to control the viewer’s eye with understated precision. He creates a balance that is subliminal, sanguine, and absolute. “His scenes of nature and flat light, aloof from culture and history, depict a place where banality is psychedelic and time can slow to a stop. Cadwallader paints Chimera — scenes of obscure, unpinnable portent that are composed of familiar elements. They offer beauty without resolution,” adds the gallery.The works featured in “Half-Lowered Eyelids” shape up to be the most substantial presentation of the artistry of Cadwallader’s work to date, and the series comprises 11 works that are exhibited for the first time along with another work “Milk,” which was first shown in the 2018 John Moores Painting Prize, organized at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery. The exhibition will also bring to the exhibition table an artist’s book that will be available for the visitors to collect at the gallery through the run of the show.Gareth Cadwallader born in 1979 in Swindon, UK, and completed his art education from the Royal College of Art, London; Slade School of Fine Art, London; and Hunter College, New York. He has been participating in both group and solo exhibitions since the past 15 years at galleries including Hannah Barry, the Saatchi Gallery, and Josh Lilley, London; Choi and Lager, Cologne; Le Vecteur, Charleroi, Belgium; and the Peckham Pavilion, Venice. Cadwallader presently lives and works in London, and has been represented by Josh Lilley since spring 2018.Gareth Cadwallader’s “Half-Lowered Eyelids” runs through January 18 through February 16, 2019, at Josh Lilley, 44 – 46 Riding House Street, London W1W 7EX.For details, visit:http://bit.ly/2h15yfx on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the artist’s works. http://bit.ly/2BwSDJ7 Louise Blouin

source https://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/3535831/half-lowered-eyelids-by-gareth-cadwallader-at-josh-lilley


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