Hollywood’s Color Expert Showed Us How to Tackle Spring’s Most Terrifying Hues

There was a particularly moody smattering of clouds hovering above downtown Los Angeles as I crept slowly along the 101 South. After weeks of dealing with nonstop rain, I was beginning to feel out of place in our reliably sun-soaked city. But as soon as I stepped foot in the space where we were shooting with Erica Cloud, I felt as though someone had dialed up the saturation—my mood lifted almost instantly.

I turned a corner to find an energetic Cloud standing next to a rack of clothes holding pieces she had pulled for the day’s shoot. Electric neons fused with rich earth tones and softer pastels. If the thought of such an uncanny mashup of colors makes you nervous, you’d be in good company, but Cloud is somewhat of a savant at styling color, so she breezed through the rack like a natural.

“I think about [color] a lot because I think it actually loans to confidence,” she muses, acknowledging the transformative quality it can have. “People are scared of it until they put it on.” Though she’s never one to shy away from a statement color (or three), she admits that for us civilians, wearing bright colors can be intimidating at best and truly fear-inducing at worst.

This is precisely why we tapped Cloud in the first place: to show us how to wear the spring colors we (and our readers) agree are most polarizing—neon green, orange, and chocolate brown, to be exact—and be able to pull them off like we know what we’re doing.

source https://www.whowhatwear.com/stylist-erica-cloud-interview

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