Money talks, stress walks

Fun fact: Jogging used to be considered strange. In the 1960s, jogging wasn’t correlated to health at all, nor was it commonplace behavior. But then Nike made the connection. They turned something that was feared and doubted, into something that is part of the overall picture of our well-being. Today, you can’t walk on the streets […]

You May Have Seen These Cute New ‘Pets’ Before, Rooting Through Your Trash

Opossums are North America’s only known marsupial, though they’ve not been given the same stature as kangaroos or koalas. For many, the sight of an opossum is enough to induce the shivers. Perhaps their aversion is misplaced. When similar scavengers colloquially named “trash panda,” “beach chicken,” and fart squirrels” manage to get more respect than […]

24/7 Recruitment See Apprentice Sore Grzegorz Marczak, a contractor who started working for the Swindon based recruitment agency ‘24/7 Recruitment’ in May 2016 has amazed everyone who has crossed paths with him, with his outstanding work ethic, sheer passion and drive to succeed. <img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full" Grzegorz, has recently completed an apprenticeship in Supply chain operations specifically […]

Someone animated a local police blotter and the result is surprisingly charming

If you’re from a relatively low-crime area, nothing is more satisfying than reading your local police blotter.  YouTuber Michael McCurdy recently made this charming video featuring animated selections from the police blotter for Port Townsend, Washington, as well as the surrounding Jefferson County. Watch as a tough local cop rescues an otter from a garbage […]

Zuckerberg’s Pivot to Privacy Is Missing the Part About Making Money – Cheddar Zuckerberg’s Pivot to Privacy Is Missing the Part About Making Money  Cheddar By Carlo Versano. Nearly a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal exploded into public view and severely damaged Facebook’s reputation for guarding … Vía “making money” – Google News

Kathy Griffin Bought Her ‘F*ck You’ House for $10.5 Million in Cash – The Cut Kathy Griffin Bought Her ‘F*ck You’ House for $10.5 Million in Cash  The Cut In this interview with Kathy Griffin, the comedian talks about buying a house for $10.5 million in cash and having an “Oprah-level” relationship with money. Vía “making money” – Google News

Russia’s Putin rides horse with female police ahead of International Women’s Day

President Vladimir Putin mounted a horse on Thursday and cantered with female police officers in footage broadcast across Russia ahead of International Women’s Day. source

Canada PM Trudeau says made mistakes in SNC-Lavalin affair, no rules broken

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday he had made mistakes in the handling of a political crisis that could dash his chances of winning re-election in October, but insisted that nothing illegal had happened. source

Waves of people still leaving Islamic State’s last Syrian enclave

Thousands of people could still be left inside Islamic State’s last enclave in eastern Syria, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said, as the waves of evacuations from the tiny area continued on Thursday. source

Former TV news anchor set to become first Druze woman in Israel’s parliament

With Israel’s election just over a month away, a Druze former television news anchor is poised to become the first woman from her Arabic-speaking minority to serve in the Israeli parliament. source

Europeans, Canada, Australia issue first rebuke of Saudi Arabia at U.N. rights forum

Three dozen countries, including all 28 EU members, called on Saudi Arabia on Thursday to release 10 activists and cooperate with a U.N.-led investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its Istanbul consulate. source

EU awaits reworked UK Brexit proposals, deal remains elusive

The European Union told Britain to rework its Irish backstop proposal by Friday but feared it would struggle to secure a deal that satisfied pro-Brexit lawmakers before a key vote in the UK parliament on Wednesday. source

Militant bus attack in north India kills one, wounds 32: police

A grenade explosion orchestrated by a Pakistan-based militant group at a bus stand in the Indian city of Jammu killed one person and wounded at least 32 on Thursday, police said. source

French cardinal convicted of covering up sex abuse allegations

A high-ranking French Catholic cleric, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, was convicted on Thursday of failing to report allegations of sexual abuse in his diocese and said he would submit his resignation to Pope Francis. source

Hundreds protest Hong Kong student’s expulsion from university in row over free speech

More than 200 protesters gathered on Thursday at a Hong Kong university to condemn the expulsion of a student defending free speech, in what was seen as another incremental sign of eroding freedoms in the Chinese-ruled city. source

Police evacuate building in central Edinburgh over suspicious package

Police in Scotland evacuated a building on Princes Street in central Edinburgh on Thursday after receiving a report of a suspicious package, a day after they blew up a device sent to a Glasgow university. source

Algerian lawyers take to the streets to back anti-Bouteflika protests

Hundreds of lawyers in black robes took to the streets of downtown Algiers on Thursday to press President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to step down after 20 years in power, adding momentum to the biggest protests there since the 2011 Arab Spring. source

In Mexican heartland, ‘bad guys’ still hold sway amid bid to restore order

Burned-out autos littered empty streets this week in the town where Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador faces a first major test of his ability to take control of territory absorbed by organized crime during years of mounting violence. source

Germany charges couple who tested ricin on hamster with plotting Islamist attack

A Tunisian man and his German wife who bought ricin and tested the lethal toxin on a hamster have been charged with plotting Islamist-motivated attacks using a biological weapon, German prosecutors said on Thursday. source

Venezuela’s Guaido urges more sanctions after German envoy’s expulsion

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido urged Europe to tighten financial sanctions against the government of Nicolas Maduro after it expelled Germany’s ambassador. source

Major Labels Split On Support For Article 13; As Music Publishers Whine That They Can’t Make Money From Parodies – Techdirt Major Labels Split On Support For Article 13; As Music Publishers Whine That They Can’t Make Money From Parodies  Techdirt Billboard Magazine reliably publishes the views of folks inside the music industry, so a recent column exploring various views regarding Article 13 in the EU … Vía “making money” – Google News